The sun rose just an hour ago when we arrived at Labuan Bajo port to cruise the beauty of Labuan Bajo with this new exciting experience. Live on board in 27 m length and 5 m width of traditional Phinisi, for 3 days and 2 nights! Wooooo...we couldnt wait for my first ever experience to live on board for island hopping, hiking to hill to catch sunrise, snorkling or just playing in beach.

ON BOARD we were on The Clalynna boat then the children couldnt wait to run here and there to choose their bedroom and best spot on board to enjoy the endless magnificent view of Labuan Bajo. The captain and crewship of Clalynna welcomed and greeted us not to forget also served us with a fresh orange juice!


With speed of 8-10 knots, we reached our first destination, Rinca island. It was known as one of three major islands; Komodo and Padar in Komodo National Park -a home of the unique ad rare Komodo Dragon- with numerous smaller islands. More than 3.000 komodos live in this area. It was such breath-taking panoramic views of savannas with komodos.


Next island hopping was the Pink Beach! An overlay of pinkish coral powder blended with white sand created a beautiful scene. Your eyes were pampered with this lovely beach together with beautiful hills and pure seas where you could simply enjoy snorkling.


What a peace of mind, when you were earthing at Padar Island during sunset and sunrise in the next morning. was time the night to fall, then our boat docked in the sea of Padar Island with many boat surround us

There is no moon light yet, just a bit of stars that lighted the sky up and warm chit chat on board

also delicious meals on a floating boat prepared by our on board Chef

Next Morning

we went for a hike in Padar Island to catch sunrise. I told you it was really tough road for a hike -I was hardly catching my breath, for woman at my age- when you reached at the top

it was all paid off with this lovely panoramic scene -a combination of the reddish-orange sunrise horizon which lighted the sea water and some boats completed with beautiful mix-colored of savanna in the hills.

It was really a moment that you would be grateful for the beauty of nature that God created.

Another island to hop was Manta Point, located at Taka Makassar, a location where you would find Manta, a fish with triangular pectoral fins, horn-shaped cephalic fins and large, forward-facing mouths. They eat large quantities of zooplankton, which they swallow with their open mouths as they swim. We just knew that Manta loved to play with children. So my youngest called and invited them to play with. There they were...coming to play with us.


As we swam in open sea played with Manta, we went to Gili Lawa to explore another beautiful island, not to mention also Kanawa, Sebayur island where you would see a school fish -just remind me of Nemo with his friends-Live on board gave you unlimited experience for island hopping and explore the beauty of nature in Labuan Bajo islands.



Thanks to our Captain, on board Chef, Max also the crewship for the warm welcome and services that you deliver to us also friendly accompanion during live on board

It was really a memorable journey, an exciting experience to cruise Labuan Bajo by Live on Board

Thank You for reading my story #stellerid #creative #flores #labuanbajo #indonesia #photostory #travelphotography #familytrip Photos and video taken by @viramadjid @rafsyaag drone by @langkahjauh

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