DIY backdrop & time lapse

#creative #diy

"The urge to create" I recently became infected with the virus to make backgrounds. The creative creature in me really has to be out again. I already mentioned it last instagram "The urge to create". Actually, I wanted to create things from childhood, make things and especially things that are ready quickly.

Which materials do you need? - prepared canvas. A bit pricey but if you have little time a solution. You buy this on a roll and you can get started right away. - A cheaper way is an old sheet. Paint it first with white acrylic paint or with Gesso. Then the color you want afterwards picks up better. - A paint roller. - Paint: I used black chalkboard paint. This can of course also be a different color or ordinary acrylic paint. - An old credit card / swimming bag. - bottom sheet / sail. Put on old clothes yourself because acrylic paint does not go out of your clothes (if you make stains wash out with cold water)

1. Put on old clothes / shoes. 2. To protect your floor, put something underneath. That can be a sail or an old sheet. 3. Place your canvas or sheet where you will make your background. 4. First I put paint in the box and then with the roller on the canvas. It is easier l to pour the paint on your canvas. Always keep in mind that it does not have to be neat. The point is precisely that there are different layers on it and that you see the imperfections. That makes the canvas more expressive. 5. With an old credit card you can scrape a kind of paint. You then get a nice effect. Do this even if the paint is still wet or it will not work. 6. Try to make scratches with the side of the card, use your roller with the wrong side, go off with smaller ones. It is also what suits you and looks beautiful. Do not forget that the background looks MORE BEAUTIFUL on the picture than in real life. Seriously, try it.

How do you make a "time-lapse" video? I now try to make a "timelapse" video from every photo setting. How do I do this? First, I have a tripod (the Suirui Monopod P-204S) that I take with my photo setting. I put a holder of a selfie stick in it. You can put your phone in here. Then go to your camera on your phone and press the button "time lapse". Make sure that you first hold your camera upright, then tap the camera (not yet filming but you see the picture) and then in the holder. Otherwise you get a vertical image and you can not use that with your Instagram stories. You can film for a long time because the video plays the mega faster. Then you get such a funny video.

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