Gaudi’s Castle to Education

Caroline de Bertodano

Gaudi’s Castle to Education Collegi Santa Teresa Barcelona, Spain. For Adri. Many thanks for your kindness Madre Pepa and all at Santa Teresa. © Caroline de Bertodano 2017 iPhoneography IG c__de__b

<............. Layers : Adriana Velilla revisits her former school with her daughter Sofia. Her school was Collegi Santa Teresa by Antonio Gaudi. Commissioned in 1887 by Padre Enrique de Osso who admired Santa Teresa. Gaudi was not the chosen architect but took over the project in 1888. He completed it in 1889. It was Gaudi’s first collaboration with the Segrada family. Santa Teresa is not open to the public.

<..............Facade : With limited budget Gaudi created an austere project of all brick with false embattlements. The spaces between the embattlements are decorated with ceramic pieces & a ‘T’ shape for Santa Teresa.

<........Corridors & pupils between classes : Instead of letting the small budget hinder him, Gaudi used cheaper materials, brick and plaster, to austere effect. Using parabolic arches throughout & skylights for internal light he pays homage to both functions of the occupants, education & religion.

<..............Movement : Hidden away internal pillar. “Tomorrow we will do beautiful things” Antonio Gaudi

<.........Care : Adriana greeting one of her former teachers-Madre Encama. “So as the heart is the most important thing to be protected as a castle, the same is with a school that needs to be teaching hearts. This is why the architecture of the school looks like a castle”. Adriana Velilla 2017

<...........Essence : “A well known phrase around Collegi Santa Teresa... “Nada the turbe, nada te espante, todo se pasa, la paciencia todo lo alcanza, Quien a Dios tiene, nada le falta’ should not worry,nothing should scare you as everything goes away, patience everything reaches, who God has, nothing misses” Adriana Velilla 2017

<..........Embraced : Parabolic arches surround the windows of the classrooms & nuns quarters on the higher levels. In the centre of the U shape of the College footprint is where the children play.

<.............. 128 : For 128 years, the children of Santa Teresa have run around Gaudi’s corner for break time. The same in 1889 as 2017.

<.............Nature : On the grounds of Collegi Santa Teresa is a small groto showing what would become Gaudi’s lifelong connection to nature. “Nothing is invented, for it’s written in nature first” Antonio Gaudi

<.............Detail : Besides the recurring parabolic arches throughout, on the exterior the arches are surmounted by an unusual series of merlons, crowned by Saint Teresa doctoral biretta.

“I will grow old but others will come after me. What must always be conserved is the spirit of the work, but its life has to depend on the generations it is handed down to and with whom it lives and is incarnated.” Antonio Gaudi