As we near Christmas, when the last wreath is made & I've finished all of my floristry orders, then my attention can turn to my home. I bring in foraged greenery and drape as many fairy lights as I possibly can around our home.

Time for lighting the fire, making the home cosy and breathing in the scent of Christmas pine, oranges & clove.

Add a dusting of snow

And a sprinkling of fairy dust.

A late blooming bloom of magic.

And a touch of vintage.

I still need to bake! It's been our busiest year yet and I still need to do so many Christmas traditions to feel like I've ticked my Christmas boxes. It's funny, but Christmas simply isn't Christmas without a few family traditions such as the simple task of making mince pies and baking gingerbread.

I hope you're enjoying the build up to Christmas. Find us on Instagram at A Bunch Of Wild & See our blog A Bunch Of Wild

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  • copperline

    Have a wonderful Christmas when it comes Emma! ✨ I can’t believe we’re into the week before Christmas!

  • EmmaLConnolly

    @copperline thank you. How was yours? Ours was manic, dare I say it, I'm looking forward to getting back to normal 🙈

  • copperline

    It was actually pretty chilled! (Sorry! 🤦🏻‍♀️) Our Christmas Day plans (of a big beach walk) didn’t happen as the weather was terrible, but Christmas Day aside we had walks the other days... just getting out the city... albeit all very cold! We didn’t really “do” Christmas this year - no tree or decorations, didn’t buy each other presents - and, dare I say it, it was actually really nice!