High Country

Victoria, Australia

Hey lovely Stellerzees! Recently my rockstar friend @laurenepbath and I spent a week exploring one of my favourite Aussie regions ... known as High Country, Victoria. Honestly, so much freakin happened on that trip I don’t even know where to begin with this #stellerstory and I don’t think everything is gonna fit in! 😱😝 It was SO MUCH FUN! Here’s a quick run down: From squealing like crazed Beetles fans at wicked light and lightening storms in Falls Creek, to falling off mountain bikes...coincidentally in FALLS bloody Creek too! lolololol And kayaking on Lake Semball in Beechworth, and finding the only reeds to run into within a 50 metre radius was fun! As was ‘hiking’ to the summit of Mt Pilot! Hmmmmm the words hiking and summit make me feel so adventurous! *cue 25 minute walk up some stairs on a track* Cuddling baby goats... YES. That’s what I said. CUDDLING BABY GOATS!!!! At Tolpuddle Farm in Wangaratta melted our hearts to literal death! Oh and ummmm... have I mentioned ALL the foods and ALL the wines yet??? Oh my universe!! Produce and wine so good you’ll turn into a blueberry just like Varuka Salt in Charlie & The Chocolate Factory from eating and drinking everything AMAZING in sight!! And never forget all the good people we met! So many great souls! Oh shit, I digress... let me share with you in pictures what my words can never say in any kind of orderly manner, just how much I loved this trip and all the stuff and all the things! I hope you enjoy my usual random, somewhat chaotic selection... I’ll try and throw in some actual useful information along the way. Big love JZ XO

pretending to be a mountain goat haha!

The trail to Wallace’s Hut at sunrise

Cathedral Rock Mt Buffalo

Bright & Surrounds

Normality is a paved road; it’s comfortable to walk but no flowers grow ➰

Enchanted by the giant hedge in Beechworth

just me being a fabulous super model 🤣

Plane Trees Lodge DIVINE EVERYTHING! Just go!!

In awe of the way the rainbow and the sky were bathed in a pink glow of storm and sun atop of Falls Creek.

sometimes life it will surprise you www.instagram.com/seehighcountry

Tolpuddle Goats Cheese Farm... Where the animals are loved.


Hall’s Chestnut Orchard Stanley

Wildflowers & Rainbows

Mt Pilot

Wandi Pub~Wandilong www.instagram.com/brightandsurrounds

So many amazing wineries! www.instagram.com/exploreindigo

Sinclair’s Rockpool... One of Bright’s not so secret gems!

Not just a ski resort!! It’s heaven in summer too! www.instagram.com/fallscreek


beautiful, funny, talented human @laurenepbath

Best Day Eva! Echidna sighting just out of Bright

Rob and his geese... I’ll always treasure the yellow-tail Black cockatoo feather he gifted me

The End!! Almost... :P ...because my favourite bits are always the ridiculous moments that make my ribs hurt from laughter, and there are more of these moments than I can ever count when I’m with my amazingly talented and beautiful inside and out, divinely, sublimely incredible friend @laurenepbath “Love you L” XO

Meeting puppies in Beechworth

Happy before the ride from hell 🙈😅

Wallace’s Chair

Blurry because tipsy at Dinner Plain

OM-D E-M1 Mark II

“I’m a little teapot”

Practicing the fine art form that is posing for instagram bangers. Although I’m giving away a masterful secret that not many have yet achieved with great success, I feel it is my duty as a compassionate human being to share this special wisdom with you all. Not for the fainted hearted though...

my kind of vineyard Moodemere Vineyard, Rutherglen

When this...

leads to this 😳

and this. 🙈😝 Thanks Blizzard Brewery at Dinner Plain! You are the best! 😋

Huge THANK YOU to Sue! You totally freakin rock! I hope you read this. Xx To everyone involved in hosting us in Region I am so grateful! Thank you Falls Creek, Bright, Indigo, Wangaratta, Alpine and all the amazing wineries and all our perfectly beautiful accomodation! If anyone has any questions about anything on our trip, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Big love JZ xxo #epixtrip

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