Chefchaouen is a beautiful city in the Rif Mountains of Morocco. The striking blue rinse houses and labyrinths within the city, make for an enchanting trip. I came just when it was pouring heavily with rain, but once the sun came through it revealed a beautiful city full of friendly people, gorgeous architecture and cute shops.

There are many theories as to why Chefchaouen is painted blue. Some say it is to keep mosquitoes away whilst others say it is religious and keeps bad spirits away. Walking around the centre, you will find stores that sells bucket loads of powdered paint in various jewel colours to paint to your own house. It looks so stunning especially the fuscia.

Chefchaouen is such a relaxed city and one can easily get lost...which is a good thing. If it's a foggy or rainy day and you are in the Medina, you will see the clouds surround the Kasbah. Once in the centre, head over to restaurant Chez Hicham for wonderful food, a great view and nosy around at the building. On Fridays they do a special at lunchtime and this is where locals head to.

I visited solo in May and there was not many tourists in Chefchaouen. In Tangier there is a daily ferry from Tarifa so you get daily Spanish tourists picking up wonderful souvenirs and taking them back home. I visited Chefchaouen and hired a guide. This was the best idea for me and allowed me to see the city and not feel hassled or pushed into buying items. It was also great to hear stories about its history and meet other locals. The drive to Chefchaouen from Tangier is beautiful and you will see lakes and mountains and it honestly looks like a scene from the Swiss Alps. If you stop off at a side cafe by the mountains, have some beautiful freshly squeezed orange juice and cake.

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  • jordanfoy

    Wanted to drop by and say I've really been enjoying your stories lately!

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    @jordanfoy awww thanks Jordan! You guys are so lovely and your comments make my day ✌️🙏🙌

  • simone_wit

    Wooow! The colors in that city are amazing. Never seen it before. Thanks for sharing.


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