Sometimes the walks you don’t plan turn out to be the interesting ones, right? On Sunday afternoon, we’d intended to head out the city as usual and take the boys for a woodland walk. Only the city traffic was terrible. We kept getting stuck, and we were literally chasing the light as it’s dark by around 4pm. As we were already on the east side of Edinburgh by this point, we headed to Arthur’s Seat.

(from Instagram Stories)

It was cold - below freezing, with a heavy frost. It felt even colder than the -2 degrees C Instagram noted on Stories. But the light was beautiful with a clear blue sky. The kind of light that comes with cold. I shared another story here called ‘chasing light’ from a from weekends ago - it feels as if that’s what we’re doing right now, on these gloomy midwinter days - just chasing the light.

Can you believe this scene is in Edinburgh? It feels as if we’ve left the city, right? So this was our walk.

Salisbury Crags

Edinburgh below, with Fife beyond

Photos edited (other than pages 24 + 31) with Agfa Vista 400 + 800, VSCOX

Shot on iPhone