Festive Styling

A flat lay by A Bunch Of Wild

We had a serious snow day where I live in Great Britain. By serious I mean at least 5" of snow ❄️ yes, time did stop. So hunkered inside with tea and a fire I decided to have a festive faff and style a little flat lay. It's the first one I've done in ages. It was so relaxing I think I need to do more...


and fairy lights

I made a tiny posy. Do you like it?

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  • rg117


  • copperline

    Gorgeous! Lovely tones ☺️ and what a good way to spend some cosy time indoors! Can’t believe all the snow down south!

  • EmmaLConnolly

    @copperline I know, I thought it would be gone this morning but it's still hanging around ☃️

  • copperline

    Oh goodness... I guess because it’s so cold. Feels really raw and chilly here. Wish I could be transported to have one warm and bright day somewhere!