Last week I spotted a beautiful Nordic Ware snowflake baking pan, and so I justified buying it by telling myself I could make Shortbread for Christmas! I actually tried 3 different recipes, but the best one was the first and as it comes from Scotland, I’m assuming it’s the most authentic. It also reminded me the most of the recipe I enjoyed as a child. ❄️

There are actually different styles of shortbread. A circle, which is divided into ‘slices’ are called ‘shortbread petticoat tails’ because the design is similar to the pattern used to make a full petticoat once upon a time. A rectangle which has been cut into strips or bars are called ‘shortbread fingers’, and individual small biscuits or cookies are ‘shortbread rounds’. Obviously, thanks to my new baking pan, I made shortbread petticoat tails, but you can press the shortbread mixture into any shaped baking pan.

450g butter ❄️ 225g caster sugar ❄️ 450g plain flour ❄️ 225g rice flour ❄️ pinch of salt

Pre-heat oven to 180°C. Sift flours together twice and add salt. Cream butter and sugar together (best done by hand although I used a mixer). Add the sifted ingredients and mix together by hand until the butter and sugar are incorporated. Don’t overmix. Prepare the shortbread mold or baking pan by lightly coating it with butter and icing sugar. Tap to remove excess. Press the shortbread dough gently into the shortbread baking mold. I used a ‘cake smoother’ to press mixture into the baking pan and to ensure it was flat and level. Bake for 25 -30 minutes, or remove from oven when shortbread is a pale and golden. Allow shortbread to cool in the pan, then turn it out to a wire cooling rack. #stellerstories #steller #stellerfood #foodphotography #foodstyling #stellerrecipes

  • Tinalouise

    Beautiful tin, sensational shortbread!!! I will give this a go using my less majestic bakeware tomorrow. Thanks for sharing 🌈

  • Mariaziz04

    Sure you did not forget eggs in your recipe?