How to make a wild wreath

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Hello, I thought I'd share a little tutorial on how I make my wild wreaths. I hope you like it!

You will need: An oasis ring (with a back on for extra support). Bushy greenery- moss or fir, or both. Twigs. Foraged & found natural treasures. Ribbon. To start: Soak the wreath base for at least half an hour.

Start stripping the lower leaves off your foliage and snip to a point.

Working around in one direction add the foliage.

Keep going to fill all the gaps.

Attach your ribbon.

Check for balance.

Now it's time to make it special! Add your twigs and interesting treasure. This shouldn't be neat, but still keep it going the same direction.

I made a little nest to go in mine.

Final faff.


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