Predator Reintroduction Programs

By Ben Canfora

What is a predator reintroduction program?

A predator reintroduction programs is, a program that aims to restore predators to areas which they had been previously wiped out from.

Why are these programs needed? Well, mostly because of us humans.

Throughout the years, we humans have been driving many native species away from their homes, and even extinct in some cases.

When you remove the predators from a location, the animals that they used to prey upon have a massive population spike.

This is because they can now eat and raise their young without worry of something coming by and killing them.

While this is good for one specific species, it is not very good for others.

This is because, with all of their natural predators gone, they begin to out compete all of the other species in the area.

This forces many different types of animals to leave, as they must find a new place that is able to meet their needs.

Additionally, this population spike causes the species to consume more and more food, and massively increases the rate at which they deplete an area of its resources.

Eventually, the food will run out, leading to the death of many animals, and not just those who were over populated.

In order to combat this problem, scientist have come up with an ingenious solution, one that has very little human involvement.

Bring back the predators and then let nature fix itself.

Bringing back predators will turn the former prey into prey again, and force them to spend energy trying to stay alive instead of using it to increase their populations.

And if one type of predators are brought back, others will soon follow of their own accord and then they will help fix the ecosystem themselves.

There are many predator reintroduction programs currently going in the world today.

These programs exist in places like Yellowstone National Park...

... South Africa’s Cape Town...

...and many more!

These programs are vital to keeping our planets fragile ecosystems from falling apart...

...and allow animals to live in harmony with each other, just as they were meant to.

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