Mini Wreaths


Hosting is, in my opinion, a way of showing how much people are loved by us. It's a way of showing our appreciation and consideration and even a certain kind of love that we nurture by those who visit us.

Material Fine wire Floral tape Scissors Pliers Greenery (I used Rosemary and Olive Branch) Decorative accessories (I used bordeaux leaves and tiny pine cones) Hot glue gun

Method Cut the wire with the pliers in one dimension to create a small circle. Cut as many as needed. Close each wire in a circle intertwining the tips. Attach sprigs of greenery with a blunt floral tape where the wire has been interlaced, try to follow the shape of the circle. In the example I used rosemary pointing one side and the olive pointing the other. If necessary, cut thin strips of tape to secure the twigs strategically to the wire. Place a small portion of hot glue in the center and attach the bordeaux leaf. On top of this place a little more glue and glue the pine cone. Use in the center of the plates with a candle or as centerpieces.

#diy #christmas

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