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November 27th to December 2nd 2017

Clare's mentoring trip was thanks to The Social Change Initiative based in Belfast. It was a global gathering on activism. If you would like to find out more follow: #SCIConvSA

Now at #SCIConvSA, getting an overview of activism in South Africa: what led to change & what’s happened since. 28th November

Zelda Holtzman, ANC underground member then head of SA police, gave a brave and honest account today: Fighting for power is different from exercising it. We had "an obsession with military fatigues" and patriarchal machismo continues, that runs counter to democracy & encourages corruption. One-time "comrades" are now distant ministers. In the past, secrecy and the respecting the line of power was necessary for self-protection. Carried forward as a culture, it has fueled repression and corruption in South Africa. Searing stuff

#Activismthatworks event today: Opal Ayo explains how #BlackLivesMatter started: a black teenager was stalked & murdered & the killer acquitted - but outrage went well beyond that murder (or the next or the next). “We created something that began to raise the consciousness of a people” In the pic are Opal co founder BLM and Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu

My colleagues at Grapevine would get on well with Stephanie of Act Build Change, Dami of Let Us Learn and Steve Ballinger of British Future

Young activists from a movement called Equal Education going into the posh dinner after today's Activism That Works event in Khayelitsha. Thought Grapevine’s teenviners would like to see! They're all aged 16 to 20. 28th November

Mock trial of South African president Jacob Zuma at Cape Town train station. Zuma & friends charged with “looting & destroying” rail services, which are now dangerously overcrowded. They say another man riding on top of a train died just today. 29th November

District Six museum taught us about the Group Areas Act and forced removals from newly designated white areas 1966. On the left Richmond St in 1948. Dutch and Arab influences. A mosque and a church, it was a relatively multi cultural and multi faith area. On the right the same street in 1984 after all removals complete. 30th November

I did not notice at first. Only whites had personhood

Khayelitsha township has 400,000 residents. Crime, gang warfare and gender-based violence are rife. Essential services like water and sanitation are inadequate. Desperate for a change, residents supported by the Social Justice Coalition have prosecuted the Police for not allocating enough resources to keeping people there safe. They say more police resources can be found in the less populated and richer neighborhoods. Inequality is severe and corruption or 'state capture' makes it worse. 30th November

So we have reached the end of our SA gathering - we are all the more inspired, invigorated, nourished, reflective and stronger in our leadership. 1st December

Here we are before the bus ride to the city on our last day and after a long night by the fire. It's been fascinating.

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