Nominees for ‘The Best Actor in a Supporting Role’

Krissanapoom is also known as Pibulsonggram Kritsanapoom. He plays Tiger in I HATE YOU I LOVE YOU. In I HATE YOU I LOVE YOU, Tiger is a playboy.

Oabnithi Wiwattanawarang is a 24 year-old is Thai actor who has acted in several genres of works. In I HATE YOU I LOVE YOU, Oabnithi played a role of a quiet character. This has driven him to communicate all his feelings mainly through his eyes and physical acting.

Choo Houren is an established veteran artsite in the industry since 1985. Houren portrayed the role of a terminally ill psychotic murder Felix who has to torture the lead actress Ann Kok.

Sani Hussin is a well-known Singaporean artist in Singapore. He has won the Best Actor and Supporting Actor awards. He plays as an autistic-savant person, Syawal Salihin, Firman's Salihin's brother.

Tirso Cruz III is a Filipino actor and singer. Tirso portrays Julio Ardiente in Wildflower. Julio hails from a family that established Poblacion Ardiente, and is a charming leader. However, it was just a cover which covers the ruthlessness that exist.

Chen Mu Yi is an actor from Taiwan who appeared in a couple of drama series and feature films. In Teenage Psychic, he plays Teacher Kim, a good friend to Xiao Zhen's late father and has been taking care of Xiao Zhen ever since she was sent to the temple when she was a young child.

Han Chang is a Taiwanese actor who played Guo Wen-han, Mayor of Wanhe City. He was kidnapped a few days before polling day by a young man from the North Bank to seek re-election.

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