Havana is one of the most amazing yet confusing places to visit. Travelling solo, this was one of the safest countries I've ever been to. Full of beautiful street art, interesting museums, music played on every street corner and vintage car heaven.

Vinales region is spectacular. Trekking, horse riding, climbing and taking a boat ride within the caves; this is laid-back and rural Cuba. You can take a coach from most hotels in Havana or go by yourself to visit the lush green landscape.

Tips # Bring a first aid kit - otherwise you will end up crying # Bring toilet roll/tissue - they charge you for a square even in museums and some places don't have any # Book a bike and cycle Havana and see the different areas. Totally safe # No internet unless you buy a WiFi card and sit in the park to connect. Go to a nice hotel, sip a lemonade and join their WiFi.

# Bring a pair of trainers/sneakers and don't be clever in your sandals. There is uneven surfaces, cobbles etc. # Book with Airbnb and stay with a local. # Learn basic Spanish - trust me, you'll thank me # Haggle to get a tour in a vintage car and ask the drive to go against the usual tourist trail...so worth it! # I have a list of lovely cafes and restaurants if you want so feel free to message me. # Lastly be open and respectful. Cuba is still on a third world level so don't expect such luxuries as back home but embrace the Cuban culture.

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