Nominees for ‘The Best Actress in a Leading Role’

In 2589 Days Apart, Felicia Chin plays the role of Weiwei, a school counsellor who strives to be a positive influence and uses her wide-eyed optimism to impact the lives of others.

Zoe Tay won the Best Actress Award at Mediacorp Star Awards 2017. In You Can Be An Angel 2, Tay plays Wan Ruo-Jun who is a well-liked, sensible and respected nurse manager in a government hospital.

Louisa Chong is an actress with 30 years experience in the industry. In Beautiful World - Crow, Chong's role as Xue Jiao represents motherly love. Xue Jiao is strong-willed, persevering and willing to make sacrifices for her child.

Ryoko Shinohara was a winner of the 31st Hoso Bunka Foundation Award for playing the double role of main characters Terue Yamaoka, who is a single mum and Tokyo Chin her troubled mother in the film Desperate for Love.

Chantel Liu performed well for her role as Abula's second wife in her romance with Alex's chracter and the countless crying scenes that was needed in her acting career. Despite having a raging typhoon, Chantel has to look for a child frantically in the mud for a scene.

Ko Chia-yen found her true talents and passion which jumpstarted her acting career. Ko's character, Fan-Joo, in Welcome to the Happy Days is a rather clueless, frumpy college graduate who cons a backpacker in order to save her grandma's legendary hotel.

Kara Wai is known to the international audience for her kung-fu roles in Shaw Brothers Studio films in the 1970s and 1980s. In the Affairs of the Heart, Wai plays Yin, whose husband was paralysed by cerebal apoplexy.

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