When you play it safe, you don’t learn anything, you don’t progress. If you push yourself, go out your comfort zone, that’s when you’ll both learn and do things you never thought you would. Swipe on to see the featured authors pushing the limits this week.

Push the limits of your body as you climb to the top of Bow Summit, and ride all the way down with @LuukWijk.

See the Seven Magic Mountains in the Nevada Desert with @iridescentwings.

Enter the wild side as you venture deep into the Jasper National Park with @leehorbachewski.

Fall in love with the fall season with @maxlazzi.

See the incredible mural artist @Isa_Silva created in Lisbon, Portugal.

Thank you to everyone for sharing your stories.

Follow this week's featured authors for more great stories. @LuukWijk @iridescentwings @leehorbachewski @maxlazzi @Isa_Silva Cover by @LuukWijk

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