| NEW ZEALAND 2017 |


One year ago, almost to the day, the small New Zealand town of Kaikoura was hit by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake that caused untold damage. This week I visited the region to witness the reopening of the marina and to check the progress of the north bound highway, which opens again in December. This is my story.

Kaikoura is most famous for the Kaikoura Canyon, part of the Hikurangi Trench!

The canyon is just 500 meters off the coast and up to 1.2 km deep! Imagine a drop off in the ocean that is so sudden and so deep? It’s like having the deepest parts of the ocean at your doorstep! Because of this underwater canyon system Kaikoura attracts SO. MANY. ANIMALS! Including ...

Sperm Whales Dusky Dolphins Orca! Omg omg!!😱

Oh, and did I mention ...

But Kaikoura is not just about amazing marine life, there’s also snow capped mountains, an emerging foodie scene, rustic farm tours and the best landscapes ever!

Ever since the earthquake the tourism industry has suffered an enormous hit! So here’s what you can do ... visit Kaikoura!

I’m going to share some of my favorite experiences with you and link in the operators websites and Instagram handles so you can save this story and have everything you need! Are you ready?

Wings Over Whales

http://www.whales.co.nz https://www.instagram.com/wingsoverwhaleskaikoura/

Point Sheep Shearing

http://pointbnb.co.nz/sheep-shearing/ http://instagram.com/thepointsheepshearingkaikoura

Dolphin Encounter

http://m.encounterkaikoura.co.nz/mobile/m-dolphin-encounter/ http://instagram.com/dolphinencounterkaikoura

Hapuku Lodge (Luxury Treehouses)

https://www.hapukulodge.com http://instagram.com/hapukulodge

Whale Watch

https://www.whalewatch.co.nz http://instagram.com/whalewatchkaikoura

Glenstrae Farm Tours

http://www.glenstrae4wheeladventures.com http://instagram.com/glenstrae4wheeler

Albatross Encounter

http://m.encounterkaikoura.co.nz/mobile/m-albatross-encounter/ http://instagram.com/albatrossencounterkaikoura

White Morph (Waterfront Accomodation)


Hislops Café

http://www.hislops-wholefoods.co.nz http://instagram.com/hislopscafe

Kaikoura Helicopters

http://worldofwhales.co.nz http://instagram.com/kaikourahelicopters

I hope that you loved looking at Kaikoura as much as I loved photographing it and I hope you go sometime! Tell everyone Lauren sent you!! Xx