How would you describe your fashion and style? Fashion to me is a form of communication. In other words it’s not just how you want others to precieve you, raher how you communicate or express your daily mentality & personality. Style on the other hand is different entirely, especially between men & women.

Where’s home my man? I was born in Willingboro NJ, south side of the state. But I’ve gotten accustomed to the Florida lifestyle for a while. But during my early years I would always take trips to & from. I guess the east coast is where the heart & home are. It’s the culture that sticks with me.

How did you develop and interest in fashion? Honestly, I’ve always had an eye or vision when it came to presenting one self & fashion is the epitome of such. I needed to find a new way to express my new found passion, & be able to do it in a pretty epic way. So I researched & fell more in love with the industry the deeper I looked into it. I’ve been developing my brand’s story ever since.

Any celebrities you’d like to see wearing your pieces? I could definitely see Tory Lanez rocking MNS™️ merchandise. His Umbrella Mob collection catches similar vibes to our sophisticated Move N Silence. I would definitely be interested in doing a collab there one day, we’d shut the game down. Additionally; Jay Z, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Kanye West, Floyd Mayweather, Cris Van Ashe, Represent, Giuseppe, Future, & Drake. Just to name a few

Ever been to a different country, if not, where would the first destination be? I have not, not yet. But I think Spain or Italy would definitely have to be on the travel board. I mean Italy is one of the founding lands of fashion.

Who’s been an inspiration to your brand? Originally Kanye West, Tommy Hilfiger, Tom Ford, Represent, Zaerobe & recently added Randall Pitch.

Any major obstacles? Everyday there are major obstacles. I’d have to say the most outstanding is keeping that discipline above everything else

What’s your motivation? Creating dope things, with dope people, for valued causes. Getting up everyday & showcasing the world what you do, you never know who’s watching. You could inspire someone who was getting ready to give it all up in less than 10 seconds before they saw your work. That’s true motivation

If you had to go on a lunch date with anyone, who would it be and why? I think if I could pull it off I’d have to go with Alicia Keys. She’s very inspiring, & soulful. One of the last real R&B queens of our generation. I think I could get her to laugh a few times to want to go on another date with me. Haha.

Will we see different designs in the future? Absolutely, the MNS™️ team has been working diligently with the new collective coming this winter. Make sure you keep on the look out for the Vida Loca Collcive Coming this winter 2k17-2k18.

What’s next for Mad Nice? A lot is in store, but you never know. Just keep my eye on the prize & like Bruce Lee says; “Be like water.”

If you had one superpower, what would it be? Probably prosperous health, I’d never grow old & would learn from living in history itself

What’s a site my readers can check out your work? You can always come check us out & the latest moves of Move N Silence at

Oh, last question, will there be a Custom BA Tee? lol Ha, my man as there’s shooting to be done, there’s Tees to be made. But we’ll have to talk about the details offline. MNS


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  • mvdnice

    Great times cause for great shoots. Enjoyed this interview & conversation as per usual.


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