Nassaukade 128

Havwoods Volendam, 6 Stationstraat

Zaandam, 40 Poortland, HQ & warehouse

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Amsterdam: Nassaukade 128 Volendam: Stationstraat 6 Zaandam: Poortland 40 Haarlem: Santpoorterstraat 43 maandag 10:30–18:00 dinsdag 10:30–18:00 woensdag 10:30–18:00 donderdag 10:30–18:00 vrijdag 10:30–18:00 zaterdag 10:00–17:00 zondag gesloten


Hotel Spaanders

These guys are crazy. While i feel myself in a fairy tale, normal people realy live here. You can see that they feel at home. So difficult it is not to smile. Also, they know how to handle water. There is water everywhere so better do not walk around.

No cars, so i parked at the station and walked with my bags to this hotel. 20.00 o’clock and the weels of my bag made a lot of noise

After a 15 min walk: Hotel Spaanders

For €15, there was a delicious salmon, the best one in my life after Rosemary’s in Umeå.

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