Kenny's Late Night Kitchen

Kenny: now you can make this for me on Sunday mornings

🍽 Ingredients: 5 eggs, 2 toasts, butter, bacon, lemon, vinegar, pepper, salt, cream cheese, parsley ⏱ Cooking Time: 30 minutes 💡 Easiness:⭐️⭐️

Cook bacon until it turns crispy

Melt butter in microwave

Crack 3 egg yolks, add vinegar and mix

Heat the egg mixture over water (don't overcook the egg) Keep stirring and slowly add melted butter

Add some lemon juice

Add vinegar, create a whirpool in boiled water. Then slowly pour egg in & turn off heat


Take the eggs out, cut out the extra egg white. Add salt and pepper

Put cream cheese on toast, place bacon, poached egg, sauce and spray parsley. Done!


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