Nijel Bates

Top 10 weirdest sea creatures

1st on our list is a frilled shark they prefer to live in the ocean depths up to 5,000 ft which is why humans rarely see them

Giant spider crab found in the waters near japan and known to be around 5ft in length

Atlantic wolffish pair live in the rocky costal depths up to 1,600 ft deep and grow to about 5 ft

Fang tooth fish, among the deepest living fish ever discovered its normal habitat is about 6,500 ft but has been found swimming at 16,000 ft deep

6- gill shark found living off the coast of Vancouver found living as deep as 8,000 ft and grows to about 16 ft long

Giant tube worms live at the edge of hydrothermal vents below the oceans surface of the east pacific the colony stretched from there to the Galápagos Islands

Vampire squid lives around 10,000 ft below the surface and they navigate through the darkness with eyes that are proportionally the largest of any animal on earth

Pacific viper fish they have razor like teeth so large they can’t close their mouths but they only grow to about 8 inches and live about 13,000 ft below the surface and they lure their prey from bioluminescent photographers on their belly

Wolffish found from the Scandinavian coast to cape cod to the Mediterranean they swim about 2,000 ft deep and prey on shellfish and sea urchins

Flying gurnard lives in tropical to warm waters in the Atlantic grows to about 1 ft

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