Sunrising Gn Batu

Jonggol, West Java

Me and my mountain brothers, trying to enjoying Saturday morning view at Gunung Batu, Jonggol West Java, a 875 Meter above sea level, one nice place to relax...

Bacpack, water , some fruits and coffee of course

After Fajr time, trying to find higher ground to enjoy the sunrise

Fabi ayyi alaa irrobikuma tukadzibaan...

One of my mountain buddy, we have been 30 years exploring nature together

Enjoying morning breeze

With my mountain brothers

My Salomon, Osprey and old Nalgene bottle that always accompany me during my travels

Another one of my mountain buddy, another 30 years mountain brother

Morning view

See the surrounding landscape, speechless, just far as your eyes can go

Its not an everyday’s scenery

Always capturing the moments

Brighter morning

Here we are...

Climb down steep rocks

Every sunrise is always beautiful

At the foot of the hill

See inmy next trip

Analog : @imenphotoanalog Digital : @firmanramadhy

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