WAESANO The crater lake

motorcyclediary by #djarambahadventurinc

Sape - Labuan Bajo

This is the short story about me reaching Waesano lake as i was doing a motorcycle trip on Flores island. After hours with the Ferry boat, i was heading directly to the nearest highest point where i can see Labuan Bajo from above. It turns out that the highest point is this tower. Oh no......i have this Acrophobia.... I am afraid of height.... But for the sake of the view, i'll take that risk !

I worth every penny !!!!

Seeing the sunset from the tower !

Don't look down....oooppppppsssss....

Having a success with my first goal, i was very happy and instead of looking a place to sleep, i rode for the next few hours to see the surroundings. It's easy to find a hostel in Labuan Bajo, so i have plenty of time to do a small trip to the north and to the port to have a chat with people

I don't really like Labuan Bajo, it's becoming to crowded now, so early in the morning i went south to find a road that no tourist have ever been.

And few hours later i found this place !!

"The beauty is already there, you don't have to change anything"

Please don't ruin this place with hotels !

1 hour of enjoying the view and 1 cup of coffee later, i continue to ride. The ride itself is not recommended for a beginner traveler because there was no signal, no cafe, no aspahlt road and no hotel ! Hahahahahah

Finally found a village with kids playing football. Althought i am a stranger the kids were very kind. They asked what am i doing there, asking bout my things, what is this, what is that. Just the kindness that i wanted. It was pure hearted. Some kids are shy, but many of them are not.

The next village i have to stop, its getting to dark and its not good for me to riding through the forest at night. Fortunately one of the villager asked me to stay with them, which i answer with YES !!

This is the beginning of that forest

Finally found the road again !!!

I finally arrived at Lake Waesano

FYI In the few weeks, i will start my next journey, and will trying to make more stories, maybe once every week. I will be seen daily at Instagram too :) all of these picture are made by me and if you want to use it please contact me at ferrykana@gmail.com instagram : @ferrykana #djarambahadventurinc #stellerid #waesano #labuanbajo #flores #indonesia #ferrykana

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  • vivydelimarta

    untouched landscape โ™กโ™ก

  • panca

    Keren, Penuh inspirasi kalo di ajak ngk nolak saya mas ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • wulan_dewi_sunu

    @ferrykana saya ngerasa mimpi tiap baca petualangannya kang ferry. Nulis terus dong kang biar kita bisa โ€œikutโ€ berpetualang ๐Ÿ˜.

  • ferrykana

    diusahakan ya


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