What’s with the Ukulele? I got my first one for Christmas in 2010 from my mom. They’re a lot smaller than guitars which makes them easier to take with me everywhere I go.

How long have you been singing for? 1995

Where’s home by the way? Right now Tampa, but I was born in ATL.

You recently released the album ColorFool, what was the inspiration behind that? My current relationship and observing other relationships

Is there a musician that would be a dream collaboration? So many, but off the top of my head, Ms. Badu

Do you ever get stage fright before a performance? I haven’t yet! But I will say, the more intimate the setting the more nervous I get

By the way, is there a song that you are extremely proud of? tell us why? Apple Pie, because it was my first self-produced song ( that's actually my favorite tune ) - Bernard

I’m curious, how would you describe your style? Eclectic Soul

Would you ever skydive? When im 40

Who’s in your playlist these days? Brent Faiyaz Majid Jordan Tame Impala The Kooks & more

Where’s a city that you enjoy? ATL is treating me well. What’s next for Ari Chi? I’ve been working on a new EP in ATL and its so different from anything i've ever done

Any questions you would like to ask me? When did you start rhyming when you talk ? Lol That was actually a gift, I was born with it like a birthmark. - Bernard

Don't Just take my word for it. Her music is phenomenal, check out the jams!

Ari Chi


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