Everybody Loves Preston

Husband and wife, Leah and Paul, both didn't come from dog families growing up. When Paul was 7 years old and asked his dad for a dog his response was no. Paul inquired why, his dad simply responded, because they shit. And that was the end of that, no animals that shit were welcome in the house.

Shortly after Paul's father had passed away, Leah and Paul decided it would be a good idea to do something nice for Paul's mom and take her mind off the sadness-with a dog!

After doing some research, Leah settled on getting a Yorkipoo puppy.

Leah and Paul picked up Preston and had about 2 days to spend with him before surprising Paul's mom. Those 2 days were all it took for Leah, she and Preston had already clicked. But knowing it would be a nice thing for Paul's mom she mustered up the courage and went with Paul to drop off Preston.

As Preston arrived at his new home, he walked into the living room, looked at a picture of Paul's father and low and behold - he took a shit!

After that Paul's mom thought Preston might be a lot of work and she would be happy just being Grandma.

Paul's mom didn't know but Leah was jumping for joy inside.

Leah and Paul have been married for 10 years and Preston has really made them a family.

Preston is the type of dog it's hard not to love and he has successfully turned over non dog lovers, namely Leah's dad. After never having any animals, Leah's parents quickly fell in love with Preston and now have a dog of their own.

Preston's ideal day consists of eating, relaxing, walking, relaxing and repeat! With his loving parents by his side of course.

All photos by Mindy Dutka | @dogsimeet dogsimeet.com

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