Ah Christmas...

By @jakediprose

'Twas the night before Christmas. There I sit, in front of the fire, warming my chilly hands. My parents took my sister and I into the town today. We were bargain hunting (the best bargains are always out there on Christmas Eve!) We have just been to McDonalds. We are all relaxing in front of the fire, watching The Snowman. Don't worry, we are all ready for the big day!

On TV, there is always a relaxing programme which helps everyone get to sleep! I haul off to bed; bringing my phone (I find that relaxing music helps me get to sleep with all the excitement!) I cannot wait until about 6:00am, when we feel the stockings against our legs. I will rush into my sisters room. Anyway, better go and put the cookies and whisky out for Santa! Bye for now!

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