Views. We all want views. We even pay for views. We have desktop wallpapers that show us views. To truly experience life, you must immerse yourself in the view. Swipe on for our Featured Authors sharing incredible stories last week.

Soar above the flowing hills of Snowdonia with @meletispix.

Fall in love with the city of Bandung, Indonesia with @kompascorner.

Have your mind blown by vast landscapes of Bryce Canyon with @hollymdoyle.

Step inside the flowing architecture on show at Arnhem Central Station with @JosSarisFoto.

Relax and take in all the views of Braies Lake with @matcecche.

Thank you to everyone for sharing your stories.

Follow this week's featured authors for more great stories. @meletispix @kompascorner @hollymdoyle @JosSarisFoto @matcecche Cover by @hollymdoyle

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