La Ruta de Plata

From Segovia South

Our time in Spain is drawing to an end and on Monday we will cross the border into Portugal. This is a little sad as we feel so at home here, it will be a shock not to be able to communicate with ease. We are now in the State of Extremadura and since leaving Leon/Castille the small towns on our route, Ruta de la Plata, seem a little more healthy economically, less dishevelled. Ruta de la Plata dates back to Roman times, it was the primary route north and every day we discover amazing places. we are loving the riding and sometimes I complain of being jaded and then we come across another amazing place.

The route - Bordeaux to Lisbon. We are in Merida. Our journey heads west from here.

All in a days ride - so much variety

Avila - a walled city a days ride from.Segovia


Arriving in Salamanca

This is sandstone and the carving is intricate - compared to silver filagree

Bejar - on route from.Salamanca to Plascensia

Roman bridge in Plascensia

Caceres - an incredibly well preserved medieval city. We had never even heard of it and it blew our minds.

Merida - the amphitheatre dates back to 25BC and is being restored and preserved

Looking towards the Alcabar from the Roman bridge in Merida - the longest bridge in the empire - 800 metres

Water cistern used by the Romans, Visigoths and Mores to filter river water and provide water in a seige

Sunday we ride to Bedajoz on the border with Portugal and that is Spain done. We have fallen in love again with this country and will be back.

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  • rustyrcu

    It looks fabulous Sue. Seems like you chose the right time of year also. Thanks for sharing.


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