CATHERINE ERB "Angst" 7 November - 23 December OPENING: Friday 10 November, 6-8pm Artist Conversation: Wednesday 29 November, 5-7pm

Catherine Erb's new group of painted photographs in "Angst" explore the nostalgia and meaningfulness experienced in personal treasures.

Erb uses layers of encaustic over her hand-toned photographs, creating a hazy veil that gives the work a dimension seldom attained in mere photographs.

Beginning with an image printed on watercolor paper, Erb mounts her photographs on birch panel, subtlety manipulating each first with soft pigments, then with as many as twenty layers of tinted wax.

"The result is not just an image, but a feeling and reminder that the magic always happens in the present. In my new work I am focusing on belongings that contain spirits, intent and thought. They are altars to special people in my life or the lives of people I care about."

"Rather than just existing as photographs of a pinned butterfly, arrow or slingshot, I want the sentimental feeling and a little bit of unsettledness to come through the images."

DLG Memphis 97 Tillman Memphis, TN 38111

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