ANNE SIEMS "Inquiry" 14 November - 23 December OPENING: 18 November, 5-8pm

Siems, who lives in Seattle but is German by birth and education, has for many years placed her youthful ghostly figures and woodland friends in a serene melding of European forests and early American landscapes.

In her new paintings the landscapes are more ethereal, and the clothes are no longer the primary point of interest.

Instead, her characters - rendered in a manner akin to 19th century portraiture - ride woolly beasts and animals reminiscent of fairy tales.

"I have shifted to an emphasis on pattern, color, brushstroke, and mark making. Moving into an ongoing exploration of my personal experiences through more abstract means of expression."

Read "Anne Siems: Awakening the Spirit" by Sara Lee Burd in Nashville Arts Magazine.

DLG Nashville 516 Hagan Street Nashville, TN 37203

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