The Town of Jesus Israel trip part 4

2015-2016 Standing in the same spot that Jesus spoke his sermons was a once in a lifetime experience. Growing up I read about the Sea of Galilee but I never imagined my job as a journalist would bring me here!

The Synagogue where Jesus and his disciples taught. Original ruins can still be seen.

It is here he made fishers of men

Jesus healed many sick and made them whole in the synagogue

He taught with real authority

This modern church sits above the ruins of the apostle Peter’s home.

Inside you can view the ruins

Not much remains of the House of Peter

The Sea of Galilee

Matthew 14:23-33

Jesus walked on the lake and said to them, “ Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.” #stellerid #stellerstories #mystellerstory #israel #jesus

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    How lucky you are! I hope as an officer I could be able to travel the world as well just like yours... amazing picts! Thanks for sharing x

  • Metropolian_VP

    Thank you. That pics can barely do any of my travels justice. It’s hard to capture the experience through the lens. Officer or not, get out there and see the world. There is so much more to explore!

  • claudiowashere

    There faith truly feels. Beautiful.


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