Women Who Explore

Yellowstone National Park October 27-29, 2017

Their mission is simple, “A community dedicated to bringing together women in the outdoors.” Co-Founders and sisters Lindsay and Jenny, of Women Who Explore, do just that! They’ve created affordable and fun getaways for women to come together and explore.

Women travelled from all over the U.S. and Canada to come together in an amazing cabin just outside of West Yellowstone. What happened? See for yourself!

Welcome Champagne on Friday night.

Co-Founder and Co-owner, Jenny MacNevin welcoming all the ladies.

Gathering and getting to know one another doesn’t take long in spaces like this!

Our aim - sunrise at Grand Prismatic Springs. Witnessing the breathtaking morning light on our drive, left everyone in awe. Fog rolled in right as we arrived, although we didn’t see the actual sun rise, it was mystical and magical, we also had the whole place to ourselves

Black Sands Basin

Black obsidian (volcanic glass), gives this geyser basin its name. We were rewarded with the Cliff Geyser continually erupting.

Old Faithful

As we pulled up, I looked at the Geyser app which showed Old Faithful would be erupting any minute. And it sure did. Let’s just say, this was a memorable stop and we made the day for a family of three generations.

West Thumb Geyser Basin

Located on the south borders of Yellowstone Lake, this basin is home to many hot, boiling, colorful springs. The view over the lake with mountains in the far distance makes this an amazing spot.

Abyss Pool

Strangers one day, friends the next.

Midway Geyser Basin

Definitely my favorite basin, Midway is home to the Grand Prismatic Spring which is the largest hot spring in Yellowstone.

Turquoise Pool

Excelsior Geyser was once the largest geyser in the world.

Fairy Falls Hike

Mid July this year, the Grand Prismatic Spring overlook trail was opened. The view is absolutely gorgeous, the walk up the icy path was hair raising.

Strangers lending a hand on the icy pathway.

I wasn’t about to risk falling and damaging my beloved camera gear.

Happy to have arrived at Fairy Falls after a 4km icy hike.

We were rewarded with a small herd of bison as we returned to the Fairy Falls parking lot.

Taking a load off!

Night time antics in the garage at the cabin.

There’s such a sense of empowerment and community when women gather like this. Adventure is had, magical moments are created, and new friendships are formed. I feel so blessed and grateful that Lindsay and Jenny asked me to photograph this wonderful weekend. www.WomenWhoExplore.com

All images by Lee Horbachewski. Women Who Explore #stellerverse #Goexplore #womenwhoexplore