Happy Halloween! We thought we’d put some spooks in this week’s Featured Authors. Swipe on for some Featured Authors sharing incredible stories.

Treat yourself to some Halloween cheesecake by @suvelle.

Be amongst the fog on Lake Oeschinen with @noberson.

See the fangtastic food art created by @febriunggy.

Enter the land of fire and ice with @MarkIandolo.

Roam around the rural and forgotten places of Elliniko with @andreboettcher .

Thank you to everyone for sharing your stories.

Follow this week's featured authors for more great stories. @suvelle @noberson @febriunggy @MarkIandolo @andreboettcher Cover by @suvelle

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  • Joseph95

    Nice cover. I love ❤️ Halloween 👻 🎃 and writing ✍🏻 Halloween 👻 🎃 books 📚 📖 . Available on Amazon. I also like going trick or treating with my best friend.

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