Still Loving Spain

4 days cycling from Burgos to Segovia

It was 4 days of solid riding to reach Segovia and on the 3rd night in a non-descript little town, no good food options, tired after a 50 km ride into head winds I was wondering what we were doing. Today we made it to Segovia and my enthusiasm was renewed. But before we get to Segovia I want to look back at the ride. Lots of it on back roads with Talking Heads lyrics 'we're on the road to no-where' running through my head. And when there were no coffee stops either it was a bit of a grind.

Grey skies and rain were all part of the mix on the ride from Burgos. We arrived in Lerma; wet, cold and hungry.

And this is what we found. Another surprising piece of history.

The sun shone for our ride to Aranda de Duoro. Keith has developed a taste for the reds from this area.

An interesting mural on the wall in a coffee shop on the ride from Candeljo to Segovia. We could name all the characters which we decided shows our age.

Once the centre of power.

Approaching Segovia

Roman Acuaduct built in 2nd Century. Brought water to the town from the mountains. Is 16 kms in total, 13 kms below ground.

Just your regular Cathedral

A little out of focus, but hey I'd had a wine or two.

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  • Surreal1

    Absolutely fantastic travels... what a treat and keep up the reds - they good for you!!! XXXX Isha Marlene

  • SueMcB

    Thanks Marlene. Hope all is well with you.


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