How to made a Pizza Dough?


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We love to eat pizza like the Italians. Yet we never ever make a pizza before and how could that be happening? I always thought we at least need to cook and prepare what we eat! One day, I told Joe that I want to challenge to make a Pizza! Xoxo, Le Plain Canvas

I was never a baker for sweets unlike Joe but I thought that I should at least have a try at making a Pizza (it could be a start for baking). We research for recipes and we’ve decided to learn to make the basic pizza dough from Jamie Olivia recipe. It wasn’t as easy like what the recipe stated. As the amount of the flour doesn’t work in the direction given.

Never say never...

Since the recipe didn’t work accordingly, we try to add in more flour generally. We modified a little based on our own touch and gladly it out to be not that bad. That Sunday afternoon was experimental and fun. It took us almost a full day for mixing, kneeling, waiting for it to sit down. Finally, send to the oven baking, before it turns into crispy dough we made.

We decided to make Margarita pizza, as it is the most classic pizza ever. We have learned along the way that raw tomato sauces are the way to go. They are also extremely easy! Pureed Hunts canned tomatoes, garlic (minced in my garlic press), a touch of olive oil, salt, and pepper. Whatever you do, avoid putting a thick layer of sauce on the pizza as it will result in a less crisp crust. It should be very thin.

Ingredients |

- Pizza Dough - 1 can of whole tomato - 3 cloves of garlic - Basil Leaves - Mozzarella Cheese

Lay all your ingredients on the dough and baked it from 15 mins at 200C.

How to make a Pizza Dough? |

It’s the best experience we ever have, since our first time became a success. Everything seems worthy when people saying it's delicious. We were surprised with our first try and succeed. Our parent finished pizza right away from the oven. We did make some mistake for our first try by baking the basil leaves. That should be the last thing you put on it!

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