The Thunder Dragon Kingdom


I had always dreamed of visiting the Kingdom of Bhutan, and when the Tourism Council of Bhutan invited me, I couldn't wait to get out there! After flying from Ireland to Thailand, and then jumping on my Bhutan Airlines flight to Paro, via India, I finally made it! The first thing that struck me was just how many trees there were!

In stark contrast to the clouds swirling around the trees, the buildings in Bhutan were often quite stunning, especially the religious (Buddhist) structures.

The architecture in the capital Thimphu was amazing, but my real joy was seeing the building nestled in the countryside and Himalayan foothills.

There was one sacred Buddhist building I had wanted to visit for years. It was quite a hike, and on the way, I made some new friends...

Then I finally reached Paro Taktsang. You may know it as the Tiger's Nest Monastery.

A hope you've enjoyed seeing a little taste of Bhutan! A massive thanks to the Tourism Council of Bhutan, Yelha Bhutan Tours, and Bhutan Airlines. Extra thanks to my guide Dawa Yoezer!

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