October 2017 | Spain

Craving for the sun during these cool autumn days, I decided to spend my birthday weekend in Barcelona. The infamous city is currently going through a lot of hardships, but surprisingly, a tourist like me is still able to enjoy its glorious beauty in peace.

Trying times...

This is La Rambla, bustling with tourists as usual on a sunny day in October. This was also where the terror attack killing 13 people happened two months ago.

Not far from this beautiful church, Catalans fighting for their independence gathered too.

And meanwhile, an old local couple were arguing about petty stuff. Life goes on:)

My home country (Philippines) was colonized by Spain for 400 years. Treading the narrow streets of Barcelona with a lot of stuff so similar to what I've grown up seeing back home, helped me see clearly how Spain had greatly influenced our lives, and which parts of our culture did NOT actually come from them :)

Mercat del Born

ruins of a 19th century marketplace, housed in a modern cultural centre

Santa Maria del Mar

Park Guell

Sagrada Familia

I had a mild anxiety attack when I first saw it. I had no clue how massive it was. The insane details and immensity almost gave me a seizure, and these oversaturated photos depict my exact feelings...

Random stuff

Oddly close to Sagrada Familia is a vending machine of these things!

"100 Montaditos" - a menu of 100 sandwiches for €1 each on Wednesdays and Sundays!

...and poof! my birthday is over!

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