In her first year our daughter Eula has been on over 40 flights and to over 10 countries. This is everything we've learned!

1. Get the bassinet on long haul flights. An aisle seat near the front is best on shorter flights.

2. When baby can travel depend on the airline. Some it's 2 days old, others 2 weeks. Doctors recommend waiting until around 4 months.

3. Take as little baby gear as possible. Leave the bulky stroller or car seat at home if you won't be needing them.

4. Baby wear in a sling or carrier.

5. Pack light for yourself. Make sure all clothing matches all other clothing for a versatile capsule wardrobe.

6. Don't travel with a ton of diapers. Take a day or two worth and buy them at your destination.

7. Breastfeed if you can. If you can't, airlines have allowances for baby milk & formula and will even heat it for you.

8. Rent a car with a car seat so you don't have to bring one.

9. Trains are a baby friendly, safe mode of transport that require no car seat!

10. Eat dinner early.

11. Hire a local sitter or nanny for a night or day out. There are great service in major cities, and you can also ask local friends, hotel concierges, or AirBnB hosts for tips on a good local sitter.

12. Know when to call it. Sometimes a meal or activity is a fail. Retreat and live to die another day.

13. Use priority boarding for families with small children and get on the plane first!

14. Security protocol varies by airport but it's smart to take out liquids and laptops before getting in the security line. Stash them beneath the stroller if you're using one.

15. A lot of hotels and AirBnBs can provide a baby bed...just ask! Don't bring a bed for baby if you don't have to!

16. Use the Rainy Mood app on your iPhone or iPad instead of bringing a sound machine.

17. The "Dave and Ava" nursery rhymes app is a life saver when nothing else is working. It's expensive but worth it to calm a screaming baby on a plane or in a car.

18. Young babies don't know the difference between trash and toys! Save space and money by letting them play with water bottles and paper bags instead of bringing a bunch of toys.

19. Babies need passports too. Make sure you get one for yours if you're traveling abroad!

20. Even when flying with infant in arms, sometimes there's a few, especially on international flights.

21. Have travel insurance and know how to get to the doctor or hospital at your destination.

22. Being extra clothes, an extra sling, and a plastic bag for dirty thing in case of blow outs. Reality.

There's more!

For many more tips, + details (like how to get that plane bassinet!), our baby packing list, and my essential gear list visit my blog Local Milk! And you can follow along with our family's adventures on Instagram!

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