Blue sea surrounds the hill of Melo Manggarai, a hidden treasure on a mountainside of Mount Mbeliling, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. It was Nusa Bunga, a former name of Flores -a Portuguse which means ‘flowers’. Why? Because this island holds the beauty of its mother nature, the beauty of its people who live in harmony of many tribes and an endless beauty of Komodo, one of great wonder of nature in the world.

Warm Welcome!

It was the pleasure feeling when people of Melo Manggarai village greeted us and worn a handmade tenun scarf around our neck.

While the traditional music was played, we were invited to a balaidesa -a village base- where the chief was ready to share his welcome notes, spoken in local language. Frown face? Well, no need to worry, they had a translater for you😉

A Sip of Sopi!

The traditional Florinese palm liquor was served to welcome us. Not to mention also cups of Flores coffee and traditional snacks. They accompanied us while we were watching some dances performed by Melo Manggarai villagers.

Caci! a ritual whip fight, a major element of Manggarai cultural identity. Being a unique and aesthetic delight for spectators. The performances went more exciting when the villagers invite us to join the dance.

One thing that I’ll miss, the villagers hospitality blended with its nature’s beauty

The sincere smile of these children

ReddishOrange Horizon

Well...two and a half hours took us until twilight and enjoyed the soft glowing light from the sky when the sun was below the horizon, from the top of the hill of Melo Manggarai village.

As the Universe whispered the twilight by preparing the blue sky to hug the sun closer to its horizon, then its color turned to a redish orange. Within minutes the hill, the trees and the sea whispered the sunset and we left part of our heart in Melo Manggarai, Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia

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