Introducing Pella

She will be making her first appearance at #MatLiveBpl17 My aim is to spread the word on #SkinToSkin for ALL births @JennytheM

I saw Pella and instantly realised that together we could spread the word on #SkinToSkin contact

I bought Pella from a lovely lady called Sarah , Pella used to belong to a little boy called Marley - I sent him a postcard to say thank you for letting me take care of her ...

The postcard I sent to Marley


As a #S4CA fan and follower I try to think outside the box 📦. I hope that my little 🚗 will be a conversation starter about #skintoskin

This was Pella pre her makeover and I think she's made a great transition from Police car to #SkinToSkin patrol car

Road signs

I also thought that road signs would be an apt way of signposting maternity staff and service users about #SkinToSkin

Think minimum not maximum #SkinToSkin

Question ANY maternal / infant separation please look at ‪@AlisonBrindle ‬ #ZeroSeparation campaign on Twitter

#SkinToSkin Road signs for birth This one made me giggle but it's so relevant to birth Patience is a must

#SkinToSkin is about ❤️The circle of life ❤️

The Right Way Up

Pass the baby to his/her mother Dry en route Reduce evaporative heat loss Prone tummy to mummy with head turned to the side

Promoting SkinToSkin contact is an important aspect of public health #NHS

I 💰 a police 👮 🚗 it cost £10 However the long term benefits of #skintoskin remain priceless 💎

Keep those #SkinToSkin wheels turning

Babies NEED and CRAVE #SkinToSkin contact

I NEED #SkinToSkin


Is the first liquid produced by the mother for her infant it is #LiquidGold and contains immunoglobulins ❤️💜

Pella is also the first car to be enrolled into the #MatExp phenomenon She can toot along with raps and songs and is very happy to be part of the driving force that is #MatExp

My new car 🚗

I cant physically fit into Pella but I will use her to steer others to promote the BENEFITS of #SkinToSkin contact

My next quest is to try and get Pella to #RCMconf17 and encourage more conversations about #SkinToSkin contact I'll be tweeting during ‪ #FABChangeweek‬

Please also look at #TheatreChallenge by @DerbyBOTB on Twitter looking at improving the Caesarean section experience and also ‪@Csectioninfocus ‬ #SkinToSkin is important for all births