Day 2 - 22nd September

《 Day 2 - 22 September 》 <London Stock Exchange and UCL visit>

University College London ~ UCL

I loved the British Museum so much that I went there twice! 2 hours was definitely not enough to cover the ENTIRE place. 😆

Day 3 - 23rd September

《 R A V E N C L A W !!!!!!! 》

Day 4 - 24th September

Maybe I can pursue engineering.

Afternoon Tea Etiquette Class

Another random picture in the tube.

Day 5 - 25th September

Yes, I am wearing a wig, and yes, it is itchy. Don't JUDGE me.

Day 6 - 26th September

Here's a fun fact - I only had to do the whole punting bit for 5 minutes since I nearly crashed into a wall.


Day 7 - 27th September

《 O X F O R D 》

Day 8 - 28th September

I was sick, and therefore was unable to see one of the universities.

Day 9 - 29th September


We also went to the Imperial College of London, which is famous for its engineering faculty. That night, we flew back to Jakarta. We reached the next day. Going to London was such a wonderful experience, and it was a pleasure having Miss Stephanie and the other students accompany me on my very first trip there! I do hope I get to go there again, just so I can go to the British Museum one last time!😄

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