Guggenheim to Colunga

The North Coast of Spain

The Guggenheim

We spent 2 nights in Bilbao to take in the museum, to enjoy the best tapas so far, and took time to sit on the old square and watch young boys honing their soccer skills,.they were mesmerising and left us in no doubt why Spain produces some of the best footballers in the world. Then we headed west to Santander which is a beautiful place, preferred it to San Sebastian, it is much more relaxed.

From Santander we had a very up and down day to the medieval town of Santillana del Mar. A beautiful place but more a museum than a village. it was overrun with tourists which reminded us why we love cycle touring - we take the roads less travelled.

From Santillana we rode to San Vincente de Barqueras and on the way stopped for several hours in Comillas to do a tour of El Caprichio, built in the mid 1890s. It was Gaudi's first commission and it is amazing. A solar passive house designed so the bedroom received morning sun and the last rays of sun fall in the dining room. There is a greenhouse to the south that heats the whole house. Check it out on Google.

A sitting place facing into the main living/music room where you.look back into the room.

The greenhouse.

San Vincente de Barqueras - view from hotel from where we had another easy day to Llanes

Crisp snow white apples for the picking

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