Journey of Self Exploration

Picadilly circus

Enjoying the city life

Egyptian Mummies

British Museum

Never ignore the signs and warnings

The man who sat next to a graveyard of scholars

River Cam



A famous activity and sport in Cambridge. Punting, boating in a punt, which is a flat-bottomed boat with a square-cut bow. I stood on that square-cut end with a long pole we drop to the river bed and push the long, heavy boat.

Mini Plant

Mini Cooper Factory

Dominic (19,Center Back), Pareena (medical advisor), Anta (24, Center Midfielder)

Barristers Dom and Anta along with Judge Pareena solving the case of Selina Khan charged with harrasment

Changing room

Stamford Bridge

CSI Jakarta

Afternoon tea

Robotics class

Meeting my fav teachers after the amazing show Aladdin

Punting is hard

Both Oxford and Cambridge has the Bridge of Sighs

Corpus clock


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