Consciously Creative with @5ftinf ~Atmosphere and Shadows~

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I felt excited at the idea of chasing shadows and creating atmosphere in week four of our course. It was harder than I thought to collect shadows! I was dependent on the weather as I couldn’t find many dramatic shadows inside my house without the sun. Luckily I had a couple of days of sun towards the end of the week. This will be one story that I add to when opportunity arises. This is a start.


This picture made me smile as it reminded me of those funny mirrors at old fun fairs. What a funny shape I am!

I liked this one as I felt that it captured some atmosphere too.

Interesting study in geometric shapes

Some interesting lines.... .....and a dog’s bottom!


Looking at nature in a different way has helped me to look forward to winter. I took these images last winter and I really love looking at them now. The shapes of the trees and the mist really draws me.