Grilled Chicken

The delicious combination of seasoned grilled chicken with bacon, egg, lettuce and tomato is hard to resist. You can get creative with your mayonnaise to give your Club Sandwich a signature flavour and take your sandwich to the next level. I’ve added Balsamic vinegar and Tabasco sauce, but you could add seeded mustard or pesto for example to create an original and flavourful mayo. While my recipe is for one, you could easily make this recipe for two people especially if you serve it with hot fries!


The key to Club Sandwich success is to have all your ingredients organised and ready, so read the recipe well, and prepare all the ingredients on a large chopping board. This makes assembling the sandwich much easier and ensures you eat it while it’s still warm.

GRILLED CHICKEN CLUB SANDWICH 3 slices white sandwich bread 4 rashers bacon 1 medium tomato, sliced 2 thin slices of chicken breast small handful of iceberg lettuce & baby spinach leaves 1 egg 3/4 cup Japanese Kewpie mayonnaise 1 tablespoon Balsamic Vinegar Tabasco sauce salt & pepper toothpicks of wooden skewers

1. 🍅Slice tomato in thin slices. 2. 🍃Roughly cut lettuce. 3. Add Balsamic vinegar to mayonnaise.  Stir well to combine and taste.  Add more if necessary.  Add a little Tabasco sauce and taste again.  The flavour of this will need to be adjusted to suit you. 4. 🥓Heat a frying pan on high heat and cook the bacon, turning occasionally until crispy and golden on both sides.  Place cooked bacon on kitchen paper towel. 5. 🥖Toast bread on both sides. 6. 🐔Rub chicken breast slices with Olive Oil. Season both sides with salt and pepper,  and cook on a hot grill. 7. 🍳Fry egg in the frying pan where you fried the bacon.

ASSEMBLE YOUR CLUB! Spread mayonnaise on one side of each toasted bread slice. Top first bread slice with sliced lettuce and baby spinach. Add sliced tomato and season with salt & pepper. Add chicken breast cutting to size. Top with second toasted bread slice, mayonnaise side down. Spread mayonnaise on top (reverse side of toast). Add another portion of sliced lettuce and baby spinach. Top with crispy bacon, breaking to fit. Place fried egg on top of bacon and then place third slice of toasted bread on top, mayonnaise side down. Secure sandwich layers together with cocktail toothpicks or wooden skewers. Using a sharp serrated knife, slice sandwich into four triangles.


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