Roadtripping Puglia


There’s something about Puglia it can be only explained when you visit it. One of the southernmost regions of Italy, Puglia seems to exist in a perpetual summer state, probably due to its dominant tone, white, and to the pervasive presence of cacti plants and olive trees. Last month me and a dear friend of mine embarked on a 4-day roadtrip to explore the region, trying to seize its essence on the last days of summer. We didn’t limit our trip to Puglia, though...

First stop: Alberobello and its one of a kind “trulli” houses.

Cats of Alberobello.

Ostuni old city center, as seen from the rooftop of our Airbnb.

When you can’t sleep and you wake up at dawn, the view from your bedroom is a nice reward for the lost sleep.

Ostuni very early in the morning: (almost) no one’s around.

Before the storm, a shy ray of sun comes out: it’s diving time in Grotta della Poesia.

Astounding colors in Torre dell’Orso, 30 minutes south of Lecce.

Late afternoon walk on the sand? Why not.

We keep driving south - Porto Miggiano’s bay.

Lunch in Punta Prosciutto - exploring the dunes of one of Puglia’s most beautiful beaches.

The most amazing end of a day: the unreal beauty of Matera, Basilicata, and its sassi.

Walking around Matera’s Game of throne-esque alleys.

Just a few hours left before heading home, on our way back we enjoy one last swim in Polignano a Mare.

Thank you!

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