part 1 - the east coast

Have you ever had your eyes filled with pastel colors? I'm writing from the sky, flying back home after 15 days of traveling around the Sunshine State. Here's the first part of my journey, when we drove along the colorful sud-east coast of Florida. β˜€οΈ

We stayed in North Miami Beach for the first week, where jet-lag let us enjoy the magnificence of sunrise over that coast. We were already awake at 6 am, so we went outside and literally saw the sun coming up from the Ocean. It quickly painted everything around with different peaceful colors:

We've spent a lot of time in North Shore Open Space Park, just observing people walking, doing yoga or relaxing. We even saw a manatee in the water 😍 'Till we decided to go north to discover other shores, colors and inhabitants. We drove up to Jupiter Lighthouse, making some stops along the way (and meeting some locals too):

Hollywood beach πŸ‘‰πŸ»

☝🏻 Juno beach (home of many sea turtle nests🐒)

πŸ“Jupiter Lighthouse

(and some other slow observersπŸ‘‹πŸ»)

You cannot leave Miami without seeing the constantly busy and crazy Sobe (South Beach) and the Downtown. We've walked around the streets of Sobe and "metromoved" around Downtown Miami, which is the best way to enjoy the center of the magic city (-> from a higher perspective and with AC 😊)

on board ☝🏻

πŸ“Wynewood Walls


And then we drove down to the dreamy Key Islands. Clear water, iguanas (a lot of them), old bridges, good sea food, colorful sunsets and Key West, the beautiful Key west. The southernmost town of the U.S. was definitely my favorite one for this part of the trip: there aren't strangers, nothing is weird, nobody is different. The colors and the details of tiny houses, that South America feeling.

lunch spot:

πŸ“Baia Honda


and then, welcome to

... and its famous sunsets on the Gulf

After having memorized every single detail of that place, we moved on to other roads, leaving it physically but not with our minds.

F I N .

Stay tuned for part two!

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