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Ak-Suu Transverse

In August, I teamed up with Discover Kyrgyzstan and USAid to hike and photograph the Ak-Suu Transverse route. Measuring 97.13 km, with 6847m elevation gain , it proved to be equally beautiful and challenging. It's exactly the type of adventure that I crave, too, so this journey will stay with for a long time.

The Ak-Suu Transverse Hike was undoubtedly one of the most inspiring mountain journeys of my life. We hiked crossed Kyrgyzstan’s Ak-Suu region, slept under the stars and witnessed some wildly rugged mountain landscapes. The following pages - and there are 30 of them - act as a visual guide to the journey. I hope it'll inspire you to book a ticket and explore Kyrgyzstan for yourself.

Day 1: Jyrgalan to Terim-Tör Bulak Distance: 12.5 km Time: 4.5 hrs Elevation Gain: 812 m

Day 2: Terim-Tör Bulak to Boz-Uchuk Ashuu Distance: 16.5 km Time: 8 hrs Elevation Gain: 1187 m

Day 3: Boz-Uchuk Ashuu to Ak-Suu Distance: 18.0 km Time: 7 hrs Elevation Gain: 878 m

Day 4: Ak-Suu to Altyn Arashan Distance: 13.1 km Time: 6 hrs Elevation Gain: 965 m

Daniyar Alymbekov, our guide on the hike, enjoyed a small break along the trail.

Day 5: Altyn Arashan to Ala-Kol Distance: 12.3 km Time: 8 hrs Elevation Gain: 1447 m

Day 6: Ala-Kol to Telety Pass Distance: 11.1 km Time: 8 hrs Elevation Gain: 966 m

Day 7: Telety Pass to Jeti-Öguz Distance: 27.21 km Time: 11 hrs Elevation Gain: 642 m

The Ak-Suu Transverse was an incredible experience, but a few things truly stood out: 1. We encountered very few people; this was a true wilderness experience and quite isolated. 2. Hot Springs at Altyn Arashan made a perfect halfway point. 3. These hills are alive, as Sheppard's use the river valleys throughout the summer months.

For more information about Discover Kyrgyzstan and my trip to the region, follow these links: 1. www.discoverkyrgyzstan.org/ 2. Instagram: @discoverkyrgystan 3. bit.ly/kyrgyzstanPrologue

In the interest of full disclosure: This trip was made possible by the support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development. The contents are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of USAID or the United States government

Happy Hiking! #discoverkyrgyzstan

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