Welcome to Jersey, one of the Channel Islands, which, in fact, is closer to France than to England. But despite that, it retains a typically British flavor mixed with its continental flair. In some ways the centre of St. Helier seems to me to be a journey back in time down memory lane to well kept buildings and streets, lovely hanging baskets and the sun shining to order...

Morris dancing at a local fair. This was held in the grounds of the manor, where there was also a demonstration of cider apple pressing and other entertainment too.

An oasis of calm and shade, where we managed to slip away from the relentless heat. Yes, heat!

Jersey is an island and as such is of course surrounded by the most beautiful stretches of beach. Since it was so hot, and we had been active ( just watching the Morris Dancing makes you feel as though you've been for a grueling run) what better way to finish the afternoon off with Jersey ice cream at the beach

A quiet moment of contemplation in a church with the most amazing stained glass windows: Art Deco style

I was so taken by these windows that our friend Sue immediately took us to see The Glass Church which is exceptional because of its Art Deco features designed by none other than Lalique: a revelation

As evening drew in, a rose coloured light spread across the bay bringing with it another chance to pause and ponder.

During our stay, we met many of the inhabitants of the island including a few extremely rapacious seagulls and the lovely, cascade, Jersey cows

The next day dawned bright and sunny, and as rain had been forecast for the day after, we decided it was then or never. So we put on our swimming costumes and headed for the sea, actually we went to the bathing pool which is a natural pool made by a wall which juts out into the sea itself and captures the time it as it comes in.

Our final day, of this visit, which even though short still gave us a glimpse of the magic of Jersey, was dedicated to looking at one or two museums including the thought provoking underground hospital and drinking tea and while sampling Jersey cream, jam and scones! What more could you ask for?

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